iTrust Renovations



After four-plus years of transforming kitchens and baths in the Atlanta Metro area, we have decided to exit the renovation business and solely focus on our electrical and interactive business units.

As our portfolio of renovation projects demonstrates, we did excellent work, which resulted in delighted customers.  However, the business unit was challenged with consistently delivering positive financial and economic returns.  The causes were numerous, including:

  • Lack of quality resources and sub-contractors stemming from one of the tightest US labor markets in recent history.
  • Extreme inflationary pressure on labor and material costs.
  • Lack of customers’ understanding of quality work and their focus on price versus value
  • Diluted business focus of managing an integrated contractor model with three operating business units.
  • Costs associated with running a fully insured, professional business with true craftspeople and competing against two people in a truck.
  • While we are disappointed we could not make this business unit economically viable, we have enjoyed our client’s projects, the transformational outcomes, and the smiles we put on so many faces when we were done.  Additionally, we stand behind all of our warranties on work performed to date.

We will continue our approach of superior quality, dependable service and guaranteed satisfaction via our iTrust Electrical and iTrust Interactive business units.

Renovation vs Remodeling

Renovation refers to enhancing or making something new again. In the residential space, this includes repainting, refinishing, refacing cabinets, updating appliances, light fixtures and hardware.

Remodeling refers to changing the structure, shape or function of an area. Remodeling often changes the use of space and altering the floor plan to improve functionality. 

Thoughtful design is the key to success for both of the home improvement approaches. iTrust is a design-driven company across all of our business units and whether you are renovating or remodeling, our team will work with you through every step of the process.