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Lets Shed some LED Light on Things

Let’s shed some light on the situation. As a homeowner, you might not think that much about what kind of light bulbs you buy. As long as it works and it doesn’t cost too much, that’s enough, isn’t it? Not exactly. If you want to make a wise choice for your home, investing in smart… Continue reading Lets Shed some LED Light on Things

Smart Homes: What They Are and How They Work

In an age of dizzying technological advances and amazing automated innovations, it’s daunting to try to keep up with every new development. Technology is supposed to make life easier, not more complex.  But with great change comes challenges and alot of questions. Which smart home system works best for your lifestyle and your budget? What benefits… Continue reading Smart Homes: What They Are and How They Work

Apple-Centric Solutions

Why Apple Homekit®?​ The benefits of a smart home system through Apple are unparalleled in terms of security, usability and ubiquity.   Over 95% of our clients use an iPhone as their primary communication device.  It only make sense that we start with  devices that are key to our clients daily lives.  Additionally, the Apple Home… Continue reading Apple-Centric Solutions