iTrust Renovations

Chandelier Installation/Replacement

If you are looking to give your home a fresh look or update, replacing your foyer or family room light fixture is a great way to increase your home’s appeal. One struggle that may occur when swapping out your chandelier is finding an electrician that can safely install a chandelier higher than 12 feet.

Our GA Master Licensed Electrician and apprentices can replace or install new chandeliers on even the highest of ceilings.  iTrust is equipped with:

  • 24′ Aluminum Rolling Scaffolding Tower. This allows for a working height of close to thirty feet. A perfect fit and stable platform for those extra high foyers and expensive chandeliers.
  • 12′ and 18′ Fiberglass A-frame ladders. They require more floor space to set up than scaffolding due to the nature of an A-frame ladder. This ladder can support two men and are quick to setup.
  • Drop cloths and ram board covers are used for ultimate floor protection.

 Additionally, iTrust can recommend, sell and install LED bulbs, standard dimmers and smart dimmers that can turn on automatically at any intensity you prefer.  

iTrust’s top priority is workers and client safety. We go to great lengths to ensure both and protect the client’s home and possessions. Furthermore, we carry $1MM general liability insurance as well as above-minimum workers’ compensation insurance in the event of an accident.

Outside Light Replacement using a high lift.


Our 18′ A-frame may take 3 men to set up, but can be used for high light fixture replacements and holds two men.




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