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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

If you have young children or elderly loved ones, you understand the hazard a simple extension cord can present.  Extension cords lead to approximately 4,000 injuries and emergency room visits each year.  Electric Vehicle Chargers require long extension cords in order to reach from the car to the nearest receptacle. Prevent trip and fall accidents due to an extension cord and car charger mishap. iTrust removes this hazard by installing a dedicated 240 line close to your charging location. This minimizes the distance between your vehicle and the charging receptacle. 

We install a wide range of Electric Vehicle Charger solutions ranging from dedicated 240 receptacles to support Tesla’s on-board mobile charger to installing Tesla and other manufacturers’ mobile charging stations.  Our GA Master Licensed Electrician will professionally install the Electric Vehicle Charger solution that best matches your needs.

These 240 lines not only eliminate the need for long extension cords, but they also cut the charging time of your car in half.  When using the charging equipment sold with your car, you’ve likely experienced charging times that take an average of eight hours.  This rate isn’t indicative of the actual charging capability of your car. The amount of energy transferred from the charging cord to your car is dependent upon the cord, breaker, and receptacle you’re using.  A new, dedicated 240 line and receptacle could increase the speed at which your car charges, getting you out on the road more quickly. For Teslas, the optimal set-up for charging is a 240 line with a wall connector on a 60 amp breaker. iTrust’s electricians are Tesla recommended installers and can help you get the most out of your vehicle. Let our GA Licensed Master Electrician help you achieve your car’s full charging capability. iTrust is a Tesla recommended contractor who can safely install your home charging station.

In order to install an Electric Vehicle Charger, our GA Licensed Master Electrician will perform a full Load Assessment of your home to ensure the capability of your panel. Call iTrust Home Services to install your Electric Vehicle Charger today at 470-369-0000.

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