iTrust Renovations

Recessed Lighting

Illuminating your home with recessed lighting has been around for nearly 70 years. Traditional recessed lighting is installed between floors, requires 8 inches of space for a canned fixture and requires a bulb that needs to be changed every few months.  

Two recessed lights in an unfinished ceiling.
Example of recessed lights in an unfinished ceiling.

Recessed lighting has now been revolutionized through the advent of LED retrofits and standalone recessed fixtures. These fixtures last an average of 25 years and come in a variety of lumens, colors, degrees, and prices. 

Recessed lighting gives your space a sleek and sophisticated look while providing thorough lighting. Pair your new, recessed lighting with our smart lighting options to add unsurpassed functionality and ease-of-use.


iTrust’s electricians can install these LED recessed lights in your home, including ceiling heights of up to 24 feet.