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Safety, Code and Land Assessments

Safety Assessments:

There are many circumstances when people try to do electrical projects themselves. Many of these electrical DIYs are not only dangerous but potential fire hazards waiting to happen.

When purchasing a new home, buyers may be unaware of these hidden hazards.

iTrust Safety Assessments, by a Georgia Master Licensed Electrician, will uncover any unlicensed/unsafe work and allow you to be secure in the fact that your home is safely wired.

Code Assessments:

Codes are rules and regulations that electricians must follow when performing any task in a home, apartment complex, or commercial building. These codes prevent property damage and injury from fires or electrocution.

Electrical code violations and hazards are most prominent in older homes that don’t meet the standards of present-day code. However, as we previously mentioned, some newer homes may have some code violations as well.

Codes are extremely important during large home renovations and must be assessed to ensure the precision of an electrical job.

Protect your biggest asset. Our GA Master Licensed Electricians can run a full code assessment on your home to ensure that it is being built, or re-built, properly and safely.

Load Assessments:

With the massive influx of house size and electrical device use over the last 30 years, our 150 amp panels can’t keep up with the amount of electricity needed to power our homes.

When you are looking to add a large electrical element to your home, such as an outdoor kitchen or extra refrigerator, you should have a Load assessment done.

A Load assessment will ensure that your panel can handle the amount of electricity needed to power your new assets.

iTrust’s GA Master Licensed Electricians calculate how much energy is needed to run your home’s appliances and determine if your panel is meeting the load required by your home.

If your panel is in need of an upgrade, iTrust’s electricians are prepared to help you with all of your electrical needs.

Electrician running a load assessment checks amperage of an outlet.

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