iTrust Renovations

Jim Noll​ | Managing Director

Jim Noll is diligent and committed to raising the standards in the Home Services and Home Automation industry. As Managing Director and Owner of iTRUST Home Services, Jim is responsible for strategic direction, vision, and iTRUST Brand growth.

As an accomplished business leader with over 30 years of sales, marketing, and operations experience. Jim’s leadership roles with IBM, HP, Bank of America, and Mellon have helped him become a passionate entrepreneur with a track record of success. With extensive technical expertise and being very “handy” himself, Jim has identified the Do-it-Yourself Home Automation and Home Renovation markets as a significant challenge for most busy homeowners. He and the iTRUST Team understand that there’s no better time to automate your home than during a remodeling process. Remodeling is all about creating a more comfortable, up-to-date, secure home for your family. Fitting smart technology into your remodel is a surprisingly simple way to transform your house into a high-tech home while protecting your family and your investment.

The integration of home renovation and smart automation is where Jim and the iTRUST Team exceed all client’s expectations.