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iTrust Home Services offers design-driven professional remodeling and renovation services, licensed electrical and lighting services, and smart home, audio visual, and residential security solutions. We offer high-value products and services that make your home more safe, secure, efficient, and enjoyable.

[lt_card n=”4″ start_end=”-” title=”Renovation & Remodeling” icon=”fa-paint-brush” color=”#00a79d” url=””]iTrust Home Services offers complete residential renovation and remodeling services provided by our in-house team of skilled professionals. Whether you’re looking to update your kitchen, or give an entire floor or house a refresh, the iTrust Home Services team of experienced renovation and remodeling professionals is here to update your space so that it aligns with your style and spending plan.[/lt_card] [lt_card n=”4″ start_end=”-” title=”Electrical Services & Lighting” icon=”fa-bolt” color=”#00a79d” url=””]Whether you’re looking for professional lighting design and installation, electrical system upgrades and repair, stable and arena lighting, or installing an electric vehicle charger for your new car, iTrust Home Services is here for you.Our team of highly qualified technicians are passionate about providing superior quality service that you can rely on.[/lt_card] [lt_card n=”4″ start_end=”First” title=”Smart Home & Security” icon=”fa-mobile” color=”#00a79d” url=”” ]iTrust Home Services offers a wide range of automation, smart home, and security solutions to streamline your home environment, provide a simple and intuitive tech experience, and ensure the safety and security of your space.[/lt_card] [lt_card n=”4″ start_end=”-” title=”Audio Visual & Home Theater” icon=”fa-tv” color=”#00a79d” url=””]iTrust Home Services provides professional Audio Visual and Home Theater solutions designed to transform your listening and viewing experience. Whether you’re looking for an immersive home theater experience, or multi-room audio that allows you to play music anywhere (or everywhere) at the touch of a button, our highly qualified team is here to make your audio and visual dreams come true.[/lt_card]

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