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Finding Your Style is Like Putting Puzzle Pieces Together.

Basements can be very complex: it’s like a puzzle, and many things need to come together to make it work. The professionals at iTRUST have years of experience that allow us to make informed decisions about your remodeling project. We are accustomed to working in complicated spaces dealing with low ceilings, furnaces, water heaters, pipes, heating ducts, posts, electrical, and various other obstacles that commonly appear in the basement environment.
No matter the scope, we’ll build a space that’s right for you and your budget. Contact our experts today to get started on your basement finishing or remodeling project.


Renovating and remodeling your basement adds monetary and aesthetic value to your home while providing you with more space to entertain and relax. 


There are so many incredible ways to use your basement space, and deciding what direction you want to go can feel overwhelming. At iTrust, we’ve categorized the most popular basement remodeling options to make deciding what to do with your space as straightforward as possible. Know precisely what you want? Contact us today, and we can begin planning your dream basement. Have a general concept of what you want, but need a little help bringing your vision to life? Our interior designers will help you create a plan to make the most of your home’s space while increasing its resale value.


Foundation Repairs

Our iTrust experts will ensure that your foundation is repaired to code and that any existing leaks or water issues do not reoccur.

Standard Basement Build-Out

Take your unfinished basement and turn it into a space you can enjoy. A standard basement build-out is perfect for you if you want to take an unfinished basement and add usable square footage to your home. 


A standard basement build-out includes the following features:

  • HVAC  
  • Framing
  • Subpanel & Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Drywall
  • Flooring & Ceiling
  • Trim
  • Doors & Windows
  • Lighting

Luxury Basement Build-Out

If you are looking to take your basement from unfinished to invigorated or have a finished basement and want to create a custom layout, iTrust’s luxury basement build-out is perfect for you. Our Luxury Basement Build-out includes all of the features included in a basic build-out and the creation of custom spaces in your basement, such as bedrooms, bars, home theatres, and so much more. Explore our unique offerings below and learn about how your basement can be transformed into your ideal space.


Spare Bedroom

Adding an extra bedroom to your house is a fantastic way to add value to your home without adding an addition. A spare bedroom also offers your family or guests additional privacy by providing them with their own comfortable space.

Home Theatre

Incorporating a luxury home theatre or media room into your home is the perfect way to add entertainment and value to your home. Your basement is the ideal place for a home theatre because it is away from your main living areas, making the experience immersive with limited interruptions. Learn more about designing a home theater on our home theatre services page.

Fitness Room

Adding a fitness room to your home allows your primary living space to remain free of workout equipment that may look clunky and feel like it’s taking up valuable space. Creating a designated fitness space in your basement also allows you to have a quiet place to work out while not worrying about your music bothering other family members.


Adding a secondary kitchen to your basement is a fantastic way to entertain and host special occasions. You can keep everything in one space, making clean-up effortless, and you don’t have to worry about your guests wandering through your entire home.

Custom Elements

Create a stunning wine cellar with custom racks. Add a bar with plenty of space for entertaining or showcase your hobbies and collections in custom showpieces with beautiful lighting. Whatever your vision for your basement, we can make it a reality with our high-quality materials and experienced design team. Let us help you turn your basement into the perfect space for relaxing, entertaining, and showing off your style.

Our contracting services for a full basement build-outs include:
• Basement Design
• Project Management
• Framing, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Drywall and Flooring


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