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Setting Smart Home Scenes In Your Smart Home

Setting Smart Home Scenes: Getting the Most of Your Smart Home Technology.

Smart Home Scenes How to get the most out of your smart home by using smart home scenes to sync all of your devices using one button or command. Smart home scenes are the most brilliant and convenient way of getting the most of your smart home technology. Unfortunately, many people have no idea where they should start. Therefore, we have put together some information on how to get started setting smart home scenes and how smart home scenes can make your life easier.

Smart Home Technology and Smart Home Scenes

Smart home technology has made our homes easy to manage as well as saving us precious time and money. Indeed, a smart thermostat keeps our Atlanta area homes comfortable, saving energy and money by adjusting the temperature when the weather changes, when we’re not home or when we go to bed. Further, smart lighting saves money by turning lights off while we’re not home or lights our outdoor landscapes, keeping us safe at night. And with the added convenience of smart shades, smart switches and sensors and so many more smart features, our homes practically run themselves. But did you know that there was a way to get even more out of your smart home features by syncing all of those devices together? Yes, setting scenes allows you to bring all of your technology together, working at the same time, with one simple click or command.

What are Smart Home Scenes?

smart home A scene is created by choosing a combination of smart home actions to be performed at one time by using a unique name and command. For example, when leaving home for the day, you can create a scene and name it “Goodbye”. That particular scene could close your blinds, turn off your lights all over the house, lower the thermostat, set your home alarm and lock all of your doors and windows. And all of it can be done by a simple click of the button or verbal command using Amazon’s Alexa, Apple HomeKit or another smart home syncing program.

How Do Smart Home Scenes Work?

Smart home scenes work by syncing your smart home devices together within a phone app, virtual assistant technology or a whole home program such as the Apple Homekit. These types of apps and programs control several brands of smart home products like Nest thermostats, Ring doorbells and Phillips lighting products. Simply check your app or virtual assistant program to see what brands they cover.

How Many Smart Home Devices Can I Use to Set Smart Home Scenes?

smart home scenes smart lighting There are so many smart devices in a smart home, you may be curious how many of those can be used in setting a scene. The answer? If your smart home system or app includes the brand of smart device, it can be used in setting a scene. Here are some of the smart home devices that can be used to set custom smart home scenes for your space:

  • Smart lighting: that includes bulbs, under cabinet lighting, overhead lighting, chandeliers, landscape lighting, cooking lights, lamps and more.
  • Smart switches: any electrical switch throughout your home that allows you to turn lights off and on, dim the lighting or control fans and other electrical components.
  • Electronics: Smart electronics include televisions, stereos and speakers
  • Smart home security: Security items can include video cameras, doorbells, smart locks, flood lights, smoke detectors and garage door openers
  • Smart outdoor features: Smart devices outdoors can include landscape lighting, smart mowers and smart irrigation
  • Environmental devices: smart thermostats, environmental monitoring and smart sensors
  • Miscellaneous devices: other smart home devices can include robot vacuums and mopping systems, baby monitors, electric cars and window coverings.

Smart Home Scenes Examples to Get Your Started

If you have yet to create smart home scenes throughout your home, you aren’t getting the most out of the smart devices you have. Save yourself time and use your imagination to create smart home scenes throughout your home. In addition to the “Goodbye” scene, as mentioned above, here are a few creative scene ideas to get you started.


Stunning home featuring Kitcler landscape lighting Create a scene that welcomes you and your family home after a long day at work or school, or when returning from a family outing. You can even set a scene for “Home-Day” and “Home-Night”. Program your window coverings to open or close, lights to turn on, doors to unlock, thermostat to raise the temperature and outdoor lighting to come on. For an extra convenience, many smart home systems have geofencing that will know when you’re on your way home and activate your home scene when you are close to arrival.

Movie Night

A fun scene for the entire family can be “Movie Night”. By speaking to your home assistant or by tapping this custom scene, your lights will dim, window coverings close, smart speakers turn on along with your television and a streaming program like Netflix. Just be sure and make the popcorn in advance!  


When you’re in the kitchen preparing dinner, you won’t have to worry about turning lights off and on as you move about the space by customizing a “Cooking” scene. With this time saver, you can activate under cabinet lighting, lighting over the stove, set lighting over preparation areas and more. Then, when dinner is finished, call the family together and use a “Dinner Party” scene that plays soft music and lights your dining table perfectly.

Yard Work

When it’s time to get the yard work done, head outdoors with a good book and a tall glass of lemonade by setting a “Yard Work” scene. Using a smart mower with smart irrigation, you can keep your lawn looking beautiful and perfectly manicured without breaking a sweat. Better yet, create a “Barbecue” scene with smart landscape lighting around your yard, pool, deck and outdoor kitchen.

Smart Home Scenes = Endless Possibilities

Once you understand how to set up smart home scenes, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Every person with smart home devices can create smart scenes that work with their schedule and lifestyle, allowing them to save time and money. But to get started with smart home devices, you have to take the plunge and get those things installed.  

iTrust Will Help Your Set Those Smart Home Scenes

Well lit home in the dark iTurst Home Services is your go-to company for smart home technology in Alpharetta Georgia and surrounding areas. We install a full suite of smart home devices from auto-mowers and landscape lighting to smart lighting, home security, smart thermostats and so much more. Our smart home technician will come to your home and design a plan catered to your specific needs and desires. Plus, if you are in the market for smart home design options like shades, lighting and smart switches, our home design expert will come to your home and create a custom design board at no charge to you. From there, iTrust will send in their Atlanta area electricians, smart home tech or remodeling experts to get the job done seamlessly. Additionally, you will be given your own custom Co-Construct page, enabling you to follow along on your home’s progress every step of the way. At iTrust, we pride ourselves on giving you the best, high-value products and services that make your house a home and a fantastic return on your investment.  

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