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Smart Locks

To lock up our home, we tell Siri to “lock the doors” and “turn off the lights.” Plus, adding and removing people is done through an app instead of handing out door keys.

For a smart system, it’s stupidly simple.

Aaron | Home Automation Architect

Smart locks are packed with features that improve usability.

  • App access and codes are added and removed individually for greater control.
  • Notifications can be customized so you know exactly when the housekeeper leaves and the kids get home from school.
  • When paired with a smart doorbell, it’s easy to let family, friends, and packages in when they arrive without being at the door.


Smart locks patch the security flaws of our traditional locks.

Widely available, ultrasonic lock pickers break open traditional keyed locks in seconds rather than minutes.

In comparison, smart locks communicate with bank-grade encryption and notify you when it’s tampered with. Therefore, if someone shares their code, you know who it is and can quickly change it without replacing your locks.

Smart locks also have proven their value through added convenience and security.

Smart Locks have many new features including “time-window” technology.  This enables you to share keypad codes to anyone you choose.  These codes are valid only during customized, set times.

For instance, the housekeeper comes every Wednesday morning from 8:30-10:00.  In the easy-to-use app, you set the Smart Lock to unlock with the code “00000” from 8:30-10:00.  Simply give the code to your housekeeper and never rearrange your schedule again.

Additionally, the Smart Locks allow for easy family access.

You can choose to give your children access to the locks through the app meaning, no more lost keys! However,  for family members who don’t have Smart Phones, your home’s original key still works.

When you reach beyond a customizable radius of your home, the Smart Locks will automatically lock because of the geofencing features.

Whether you are home or away, you can rest easy knowing that your Smart Lock is keeping you and your family safe and secure.

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