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Smart Irrigation

Living in Georgia, it gets hot; in the summer, in the fall, in the spring, and even on odd days in winter.  This means that every attempt to keep your irrigation running, without being wasteful, seems to fail.

However, you want your plants, shrubs and flowers to look their best. The best way to ensure that your plants are getting enough water is through Smart Irrigation.

The smart monitor syncs to the internet and is able to determine the amount of water your plants need through real-time weather forecasts.  Smart Irrigation keeps water usage to a minimum while increasing the life of your plants.

You will have no longer worry about trying to keep your garden alive through the 100-degree weather, or paying the neighborhood kids to water the plants while you are away.  

In addition, a smart flow monitor detects and notifies you when a root, cable digger, or lawn mower puts leaks in your irrigation system.  

All of these features can be synced to your Apple Home Kit so you can monitor and control the sprinklers on the go with your phone.  

In all, Smart Irrigation gives you more time, saves you money, and is better for the environment.

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