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Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a great feature to add to your home for multiple benefits. Landscape lights not only increase curb appeal but they also make it safer and easier to see the pathways around your home in the dark.

Whether you are looking to sell your home or update the look, outdoor lighting helps to enhance its overall aesthetic.  Drive down any residential street at night and your eye will be drawn to homes that are well lit.

Landscape lighting helps to round out the look of a well put-together home.

Landscape lights are typically placed a few feet away from the wall and spaced accordingly to properly illuminate the exterior of the home.

Lighting can also be installed in the eves, on staircases, alongside walkways, under porch railings, on back decks, patios and more.

A great feature of landscape lighting is that it is easily customized to accentuate the areas you choose.  Highlight your favorite spots while hiding the not as flattering areas.

Landscape lighting not only enhances architectural elements of your home but also sets the mood for your space.  Customize your outside lighting to fit your needs and even choose from soft yellow hue bulbs to intense blues.

While landscape lighting is installed for a desired aesthetic, it also comes with a huge bonus feature: added protection.

When lights are on either inside or out, it can give the appearance a family is home when in fact they may be out. Deter potential home invasions and other crimes by having your house well lit.

iTrust Home Services offers high-end landscape lighting products with professional installation to help you achieve the desired look for the exterior of your home; all the while providing the comfort and safety your family deserves.

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