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Video Cameras

The days of hackable IP cameras and clunky CCTV systems have finally come to an end. New cameras come packed with smart features without the security flaws of their predecessors.  

Outdoor cameras discern between pets and intruders while indoor cameras notify you when your little one wanders out of bed.

Smart Home Solutions

Wide view angles and night vision leave no blind spots. Improved tamper notifications alert you during the incident, not after. With innovations in mesh networking, multiple cameras can stream HD video from opposite ends of your home.

“When I walk into a home and begin recommending products, I think about what it [the home] will look like in 10 years. I want to deliver our customers consistent results.”

Aaron Truitt | iTrust Home Automation Architect

Our goal at iTrust is the same as yours: To ensure the safety and security of your home and family for years to come. This is why we test every major manufacturer’s product and cater to your individual needs. We catch problems before the install by running network decibel tests to ensure a steady, stable connection.


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