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Why smart lighting?

Smart Lighting provides a myriad of wonderful benefits and solutions for illuminating your life and home in the safest, most efficient, and beautiful ways.

Increase Safety, Security & Peace of Mind

With one-button control for lighting inside and out, dramatically increase your home’s safety whether you are home or away.

  • Alert Button Control—turn on all your automated lights—for those times in the middle of the night when your spouse is traveling and things go boom in the night.
  • Heading Out—the “Away” button ensures you’ll never leave the lights on when you are away for a short time or through the day/evening.
  • Smart Away—ideal for those who travel. Randomly turns lights on and off in the evening, so it looks like you’re home, even when you’re not.
  • Coming Home—schedule exterior lights to turn on before you walk into your home, at the end of your workday, or dark winter evenings coming home late from kids sporting practice. Then turn on entry lights with the “Home” button to illuminate a path from your front door.
  • Geofencing—controls lights based on your location. This feature can turn lights on for you when you arrive home and notify you if you’ve left lights on when you leave.

Simplify Your Life & Save Time

Make it easy on yourself by staying in control of your home’s lighting even with a houseful of kids and a spouse who seem to leave a trail of lights on behind them.

  • Never Wonder Again—you can quit tracking the kids or backtracking your own movements to see if you turned lights off.
  • Keep Kids in Check—lights that turn on and off automatically keep kids leaving every room in the house on when not in use.
  • Stop the Bedroom Light Fight–now both you or your spouse can turn off the lights without getting out of bed.
  • Automated Fans—keep the bathroom exhaust fan running for a customizable time after you leave to diminish odors and humidity in the bathroom.
  • Motion Sensors—turns the light on when you enter the room and off behind you.
  • Multi -ontrol Options for the Entire House—control lighting using a variety of ways including regular switches and dimmers. Have your lights pre-set to run on schedule, or use your phone/ intelligent assistant.

Create a Mood or Enhance Activities with Lighting

Always have the perfect lighting for every activity and occasion with the click of a button.

  • By Activity—automate light settings per activity or mood to just the right levels for cooking, a quiet dinner, or cleaning up.
  • Entertain or Relax—create the perfect atmosphere for entertaining friends with light, shade, and audio control at your fingertips, or watch your favorite movie without glare.
  • Rise & Shine—enjoy your morning routine in the perfect light. Allow your eyes to gradually adjust in the morning.
  • Slumber Time—experience your night routine in the perfect light. Allow your eyes to relax in the evening.
  • By Schedule—you can program lights and shades to automatically adjust at set times of the day to suit your lifestyle.

Enhance Your Home’s Aesthetic Appeal Inside and Out

There’s nothing more magical than an idyllically illuminated room or house viewed curbside when lit to the hilt in all its glory. Smart lighting enables you to create light settings based on your intended aesthetic.

  • Low Lights—automatically turn on bedside lamps to their lowest setting to get that oh-so-perfect glow.
  • All Lights—create a fairy tale façade for your house by the click of a button with every window and outdoor light set to impress guests when arriving at your front door.

Conserve Precious Natural Resources & Save Money

Implementing a strategic smart lighting and blinds system for your home carries many benefits including conservation of natural resources and saving money that might unnecessarily be spent on electricity.

  • Automated Lighting—allows you to conserve natural resources in your home as efficiently as possible by strategically illuminating your house according to the day, time, activity or season.
  • Automated Blinds & Shades—terrific for any room in your home, including areas with hard-to-reach windows. They provide privacy when you need it and keep the sun in/out so your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard.
  • Save energy—automated lighting keeps those rarely used lights from being accidentally left on for long periods.

Call Now to Let iTrust Do All This and More for You & Your Home

Prices Start as low as $495 for two smart dimmers and a hub installed!

Consultation—we don’t push products or services. We spend time listening and working with you to determine the best plan for your needs and requirements.

Proposed Plan—we take into consideration your lifestyle, the members of your household and your home layout to provide you with optimal solutions to improve the safety, convenience, and aesthetic of your home for years to come.

Visual Presentation—before install of your iTrust automated lighting solutions, we provide a visual representation to give you a better understanding of how the plan will sync with your home and lifestyle.

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