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The Top 7 Causes of Power Outages

Keeping Your Power On: The Top 7 Causes of Power Outages

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Power outages can be a real pain not to mention causing damage to your home. Keeping your power on at home can be as simple as replacing a circuit breaker, having your panel upgraded or installing a stand-by home generator. But what causes those annoying and uncomfortable power outages to begin with? We are going to tell you about in-home power outages plus the top 7 causes of power outages outside of your home.

Power Outages at Home

Power outages at home are oftentimes due to overloaded circuits and faulty wiring and outlets. Hopefully, if one of these unfortunate and frustrating outages happens to your home, you have the safety measures in place to prevent an electrical fire. If not, it may be time to consider having a licensed electrician pay you a visit and make sure your electrical wiring is up to code.

A licensed electrician can assess your homes electrical system, check your outlets and your electrical panel to be sure you have the proper fail-safe items in place. If not, they can change out outlets, add ground fault breakers or outlets and even upgrade your electrical service meter. As a result, those in-home power outages will stop and you can rest comfortably knowing your family is safe from the risks of electrical fires.

Power Outages Outside the Home

The United States experiences more power outages than any developed country in the world and we also have our fair share of power outages in Georgia. As a matter of fact, Georgia power outages affected nearly 5 million businesses and residents in the last 10 years with the average power outage lasting for more than 90 minutes.

So, what causes widespread or localized power outages? Indeed, most of us know about storms wiping out the electricity as well as the occasional blackout. But did you know cars, critters and trees count for many of the power outages you experience? They do! Take a look at the top 7 reasons for power outages in the United States.

#1 Weather and Downed Trees

Severe weather power outages

Hurricanes, tropical storms, severe thunderstorms, tornadoes and even snow storms can cause downed trees and power outages. According to the Eaton Blackout Report, 1159 weather related incidents caused downed trees which, in turn, caused major power outages across the United States.

#2 Planned Power Outages

In one year, there are an average of 255 planned power outages in this country. These power outages are scheduled and are performed for two different reasons. First, planned power outages are necessary when maintenance is completed on power lines and at local power plants. Second, rolling blackouts are planned power outages used during heavy power consumption times, for instance, during the hottest part of the summer.

#3 Power Outages Caused by Faulty Equipment and Human Error

power outages human error

In one year, the Eaton Blackout Report recorded 791 major power outages due to faulty equipment and human error. In fact, much of the United States power grid was built around World War II and has only seen 668 miles of new power transmission lines since 2004. As a result, many major power outages are going to continue until our power grid undergoes a serious overhaul.

#4 Critters and Power Outages

squirrel power outages

Believe it or not, cute little woodland creatures can wreak havoc on our power systems, so much so that in one year, an average of 173 animals cause major power outages. A majority of these power-robbing critters are squirrels, accounting for 83 out of the 173. However, The American Public Power Association’s squirrel trackers says there are actually thousands of squirrel-related outages all across the country.


#5 Power Outages Due to Over Demand

Okay, so 7 major power outages, caused by the over demand of electricity, doesn’t seem like a lot. However, if you think about our antiquated power grid and the stress added by new homes, businesses, demand for electricity, air conditioning and more, it’s just a matter of time before those numbers start increasing.

#6 Car Accident Related Power Outages

High Voltage utility pole power outages

For every 1 mile you drive, you pass an average of 30 utility poles. Therefore, it’s a surprise that car accidents only account for an average of 444 major power outages per year. Then again, it would take a pretty horrific crash to take down a utility pole which, in turn, brings down the power lines. However, one downed utility pole can black out an entire neighborhood for hours, sometimes even days.


#7 Power Outages Caused by the Unknown

UFO unknown power outages

693 major power outages are caused by the unknown. For instance, alien invasions, ghosts or Bigfoot could be the reasons for these unknown sources of chaos. On the other hand, they are likely caused by….. okay, we don’t know. As a result, these mysterious power outages still cause frustration and annoyance.

Survival 101: Power Outages

Candles for power outages

Most of the time, power outages are a minor inconvenience. However, if your power goes out due to a major storm, there’s a potential for power outages that can last for days. Indeed, an outage lasting for days will require much more planning. But, for power outages lasting a few hours, it’s easy to be prepared with the following tips:

  • Flashlights and batteries: Allow you to move around your home and yard safely
  • Candles: Can set the mood and be fun for the kids. Just be sure and keep them out of reach.
  • Keep the refrigerator and freezer closed: The more you open it, the more cold air escapes, allowing for food to spoil and frozen items to thaw.
  • Battery operated chargers: Crucial to have to keep your cell phone charged
  • Games and puzzles: Keep those kids occupied during power outages when the video game system is down.
  • Weather radio: Will keep you updated during the storm

Keep the Lights on During Major Power Outages

Major power outages can cause significant problems if they last for several hours or even days. Some examples include food spoilage, aquarium fish dying, sump pumps rendered useless and air conditioning or heat not running. As a result, you may be faced with expensive repairs, having to replace your food or even serious flood damage.

But there is an easy way to avoid those problems and keep the lights on during major power outages. The main solution being, installing a stand-by home generator. Home generators are installed outside your home and look much like an air conditioning unit. And when the power in your home goes out, the generator switches on, providing enough electricity to run your home and avoid expensive damages.

iTrust Stops Power Outages

Well, we don’t actually stop the power outages from occurring, but we can stop the lights from going off in your home, keeping your family safe and secure and protecting your home from further damage. Our licensed electricians in Alpharetta Georgia and surrounding areas are ready to protect your home from electrical problems and power outages.

Simply give us a call and our Atlanta area electricians will come to your home and evaluate your electrical situation and offer you solutions to your problems or potential problems. iTrust offers electrical services that include panel upgrades, repairs, electrical code upgrades and sales, installation and service of Generac home generators. Plus, we offer other services including smart home product installation, renovation and remodeling and so much more.


Call iTrust today and see what we can do to add value and comfort to your home.